Lesson Learned

21 Oct

If you see an amazingly pretty cane back chair, please pick it up immediately.  That is the lesson I learned today.  Driving to school (already late) at 7 a.m. I saw it lying on the side of the road.  It was free.  FREE.  But, I am lazy.  I figured I would drive by after school (approximately an hour later) and pick it up.  When I drove by again, it was gone.  The trash men had just passed by a few minutes before and picked everything up.  It was in such great condition too.  All it needed was a little paint and fabric. 

It looked alot like this one from Centsational Girl, but I would have left mine with the cane and would have put some green Ikat fabric on it.  It would have looked amazing:


You can read about Centsational Girl’s find here.

That cane chair along with the Jett Desk from Z Gallerie that I have been longing for:

And this daybed from Ballard Designs in the old wood color:

Together it would have brought my office/hangout spot to life.  Oh, well.


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