HomeGoods Grand Opening This Sunday!

22 Oct

This week I got my HomeGoods grand opening flyer in the mail for the new HomeGoods at Midtown.  In it was an entry slip for a $1,000.00 gift card.  Mrs. Coconut and I have been patiently waiting for it to open it since we saw the coming soon signs.  The opening is even written down on my calendar.  Yes, its that good.  And the things I could buy with that gift card! 

In celebration of the first official HomeGoods in my area I thought I should show you a sneak peak of my living room by showing you some of the HomeGoods/Marshalls finds displayed in it.  Judge for yourself and hurry in to HomeGoods this weekend.  Say hello if you see me and Mrs. Coconut canvassing the place at 8:00 a.m.

Ginourmous mirror and awesome vase from HomeGoods/Marshalls:

This guy holds a special place in my heart.  Mr. Mango knows how to do all the knots featured here and is always trying to teach me how to do them.  We also saw a piece very similar to this one on our honeymoon cruise (I have the pictures to prove it).   I had to buy it when I saw it and I rushed home to show Mr. Mango:

Lantern and basket in the background.  I have two of these big lanterns!:


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