A More Grown Up Photo Wall

23 Oct

When we were newlyweds, I collected a bunch of mismatched frames from Walmart, Target, Marshalls, Ross, CVS, yard sales, Walgreens, Big Lots, Mom’s house, etc., and spray painted them black. Then I ordered some black and white prints of some of the pictures I had taken a few months before during our honeymoon, put it together in a very lacadasical form on the wall and made a mural of memories. There is actually a lot more to this story, but more on that in another post.

Now that we are in our new Mango House, I wanted to put it together in a more grown up way that didn’t clash with the rest of the house. That and the fact that I have a great hallway wall just waiting for some action led me to these three options.

First, here is the wall:

I know there are some missing “holes” in options 2 and 3, but I figure I can just buy another frame to fit in the hole. And here are the options:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

You tell me: What should I do?


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