The Racoon Saga – Part 2

25 Oct

I found a dead cat on the border of the yard.  Well, Molly found a dead cat.  I suspect it was the raccoon.  The cat probably wasn’t as submissive as I was and raccoon took his “getting people in line” tactic too far with the cat.

I was fearing for Molly’s safety and health so I wanted to get the poor cat removed for burial—by someone else.  Off I went to Google “Miami Dade Dead Animal” only to find this cute little paragraph:

Miami-Dade Animal Services (ASD) does not pick up dead animals on private property or associated private lakes.  If the dead animal is on private property, please contact a private pickup service for its removal…

Residents who wish to file a complaint about a dead animal on another person’s private property should be referred to DERM… DERM will visit the property… to place a notice of Sanitary Nuisance.  Please note: DERM does not remove the dead animal. DERM will contact, and if necessary, cite the owner until the dead animal is removed by the owner.

Isn’t that just great?  During the next few days this was the talk between Mr. Mango, and my parents, who I am sure shared the story with all my tias and tios.  The consensus after a few days was that my dad and my step-abuelo would dispose of it somehow.  I really didn’t want to know the how.  I learned not to ask the details from the older Cubans early on in life when I asked what kind of meat I was eating one day when my dad had made venison.  He was all too keen to show me the remainder of the deer (head included) that he and a friend had picked up from some farm near Okeechobee.

Anyways, a few days later, they came for the cat and he was gone.  Maybe the raccoon took him.  Or, maybe the neighbors that border that side of the house aren’t Cuban and thus don’t take days to discuss the removal of a dead cat.

By Stepehn Oachs


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