Starting Your Own Compost Bin

27 Oct

You should start your own compost bin.  No, really you should!  Here are my personal reasons for starting one:

  1. It’s green.
  2. It’s free food for plants (I had all my materials on hand).
  3. It’s going to make my garden grow!
  4. It’s going to make use of my otherwise useless garbage.
  5. It’s going to cut down my garbage bags.

And there you have it.  Now go forth and starteth your compost bin.

Over a week ago I built mine utilizing the tutorial I found at Young House Love.  This week I opened it up to give it a whirl (and to add more food) and I found a whole bunch of small plants!  No idea what they were given that I had put in pieces of zucchini, pepper, garlic, tomato and onion, but my bet is on zucchini.  Here is a picture of my completed bin in a nice and shady area:


I just used a leftover bin I had lying around and drilled some holes, added leaves, added potting soil, then added food, and finally water.  The Young House Love tutorial said there should be dog supervision.  Here is Molly supervising:


Any one have any ideas as to whether there is a problem with there being plants growing in my compost mix?


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