Starting a Garden

28 Oct

My yard needs help.  It is seriously screaming out for someone to help it.  That being said, ignore the background of the following pictures folks.  I know that its hard.  The darn background is filled with some sort of ugly green tile!  But, dear friends, that is one diy project that will take a loooonnggg time to complete.

Now on to how I started my garden. 


  • Seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Styrofoam cups
  • Pen
  • Small gardening shovel
  • Water hose or watering can
  • Cuban dad overlooking all work (optional)
  • Big canine knocking the cups down and/or eating them as you work (also optional)

First step is to buy seeds.  Or, according to my dad, you can just use what you got (i.e., open a tomato, take out the seeds and there you go).  I bought seeds.  Because we are in the USA and we can—that’s why.  That is typically my response to my dad.  It’s the only one that works.  Generally, he shrugs and grunts and leaves me alone after that. 

Next, use the tip of your pen to make a hole in the bottom of the cups.   Then, fill the cups up with soil.  Make a small little hole in the soil (I just pushed my thumb down) for your seeds.  Finally, put in seeds into hole (about three or four little seeds per hole/cup).  Remember to use your pen and label them as you go so you will know what you are planting in the weeks to come. 


Finally, add a bit more potting soil to cover your little seed hole.  Don’t forget to water.  I did it every day for the first week because it was a dry week.  Then, pick up all of the cups that the dog knocked over and put them back up. 


Easy right?  Don’t get intimidated by the back of the seed packet.  All these little guys really want is water and sunlight. 

As to the question of what to plant and what seeds to buy, the answer is that it really depends on where you are and what you want to plant.  I planted, garlic (it grows from a clove into a whole bulb!), basil, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, peppers, tomatoes and lavender.  First up, I know this is the season to plant them for South Florida (read the back of the seed packet to find out when it grows in your area).  Second, these are things I love to use when cooking, things I love to buy organic or things I love to smell.  Conclusion: what you plant depends on what you love and where you live. 

In the beginning of next year I will be planting eggplant and cucumbers along with a few other things I put aside until next year (can’t remember what exactly right now).

So what are you lovelies planting?  


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