Fencing On My Mind

2 Nov


This weekend I went to get an estimate at a fence material provider who sells pieces directly to fencing companies.  This comes after estimates of upwards of $5,000.00 for a fence.  Not even a pretty fence people!  Thus, the fence has become a DIY project.  With the help of my dad and some of his friends, we have devised a plan to put up a fence according to city codes. 

Basically, this side of the property is going to get Durafence:

The inside of the fence would look like this:



But, in the front of the house I want to keep it looking stylish. After much debate over what fencing material we wanted to use we decided on using iron.  This way I could use the mural I already have on the side of the house and weld the iron fence onto it.  So I thought this was what we were going to be doing:


Then I realized it was not going to look good no matter how hard I tried.  I wanted the iron to be black in the front of the house, but against the stark white oven-painted durafen it was just not going to cut it.   

 Begrudgingly, I moved on to the idea of a picket fence.  That could be good right?  I think as long as I play up the cottage vibe I will be ok.  That means I would need to do the following:

  • Repaint house (have been wanting to do this anyways)
  • Repave entryway (have been wanting to do this anyways)
  • Put blue shutters
  • Get rid of iron bars on windows (have been wanting to do this anyways)

Ultimatly, this is the goal:



 Well, sort of.  Have any of you had any experience with Durafence or vynil picket fence panels?


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