Sneak peak

8 Nov

I have been keeping things from you.  I have secretly been working on this:



I got it at Goodwill, but I have been deliberating which room I would put it in for some time.  That decision would affect the color and style of makeover it would receive.  Eventually it was decided–it’s fate was to join the black, white and red room (Mr. Mango’s office).  But, I have not quite finished hanging my crystals yet. 

Mr. Mango convinced me to let him paint his room a dark color (I was mortified that it would look completely dark and unstylish).  Surprisingly, the more I researched and looked at dark walls the more I liked them.  And so they were painted a charcoal grey (compromise from his original request of black).  I love them!  They are so unexpected in my house and totally swoonworthy.  Once I was in love with the wall color I decided to create a London themed room around it.  We had been to England the year before and I made sure to take pictures of all the red things in the city white I was there (i.e., busses, telephone booths, guards, post office boxes, stores, etc.) so that I could isolate the red on photoshop and make the rest of the picture black and white.  Kind of like this:

I took that picture in New York right accross from the World Trade Center.  The only difference is that I would more than likely isolate only the red in the London pictures.  So far what I have in the room is just a black armoire, a telescope, some red curtains and some white ikea bookshelves (lot’s of them). 

Short term I would like to do this:

  • Finish the pictures and hang them
  • Redo the Billy bookshelves with wallpaper (and get rid of some of them)
  • Finish chandelier

Long term: 

  • Put in a daybed (maybe I should custom build one?)
  • Do something different with the curtains

I am starting to think it’s time for a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff in the house and make room for new stuff.

Meanwhile I leave you with some inspiration for this room:




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