Do It Yourself Image Transfer/Turn A .49 Dishtowel Into A Fabulous Dishtowel Tutorial

12 Jan

What do you get when you have a .49 Tekla dish towel from Ikea and some transfer paper from Avery?



Beautiful dish towels! 


Step 1:  Get your graphic ready.  I suggest you search Graphic Fairy, but maybe you have yours ready.  Or, if you want, you can Click to download a PDF file of the graphics as I used them.

Step 2:  Make sure it is a mirror image!  It’s easy, flip the image horizontally when in the transform mode on Photoshop (google search mirror image [insert name of program you are using here] for other programs). 

Step 3:  Do a test print on a regular sheet of paper.

Step 4:  If all is good, put in your transfer paper and print your image onto the clear side of paper. 

Step 5:  Find a surface to work on and put a couple of pillow cases on it.  Make sure it’s not a wooden surface–this project will yellow your wood (sigh…). 

Step 6:  Iron pillow cases to make sure there are no wrinkles on the side you will be putting your transfer on.

Step 7:  Iron the material you will be transfering on for a few minutes.

Step 8:  Clip your image and leave a fine border around it.  Make sure to round edges. 

Step 9:  Put your image face down on your material and iron in 20 second passes from left to right and then top to bottom for about three minutes.  Play close attention to the corners and edges.  Make sure the whole image gets equal attention.  How good the transfer comes out depends on how hard you press down and the heat. 

Step 10:  Take material off the hot surface and let it cool for at least 2 minutes.

Step 11:  Peel paper.  Don’t let the paper break or tear! 

Step 12:  Enjoy your work!

FIY – I plan on making some burlap wall art and burlap pillows with these soon.  Be on the look out!


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