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Mr. and Mrs. Mango

This Is Us

Hi! That’s me, Mrs. Mango, on the left and that’s Mr. Mango on the right (actually that was us a few pounds lighter and when we were dating; I will change it soon to something that actually resembles the people behind this here blogerony). I’m a purebread Cuban and Mr. Mango is a purebread American. Behind us above is one of Mr. Mangos’s favorite things, the Miami Heat. We live about 10 miles inland from South Point, South Beach–which means we live right smack in the city of Miami (about 12 from the American Airlines Arena–or, as we call it, the Heat stadium). We get tons o’ traffic all the time, but we’re not complaining. We love our city and the nearby water (I get to see this from work everyday!).

Window View

Incase you haven’t noticed, we say things like blogerony and booboos. We are both in our 20’s and have been married for over three years. We lived in an apartment for a while and eventually met this little beauty we get to call our own little Mango House:

Our Castle

I knew it was meant to be ours when I saw a full blown mango tree in the back. Then we met this piece of gorgeousness:


This here blog is an archive of the adventures in home decor, gardening, and all the other “projects” that fill the lives of a Cuban, an American, a Mutt, a not-so-seaside-cottage and a mango tree. I hope this will keep me on track and document all the crazy ideas I tend to start.


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