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Laundry Rooms Or Should We Call Them Shame Rooms?

29 Dec

An often unnoticed and uncared for room or closet in the house is the laundry room. Most people I know tuck it away from sight and hide it as much as possible. It’s like they don’t want anyone to know they do laundry! Frankly, we spend entire days in this room week after week working hard. Why not make it cheery and motivating? Maybe a bit of decor can make this very needed task a little less dreaded?

Just a thought.

I just got my new front loaders today. What we would like to do is build a closet around them with plenty of storage space. I still deciding whether to paint the inside of the closet in green or yellow, but I know I want it to be pretty and cheery.

Here are some inspiring laundry rooms.

Country Home

Country Living

Unknown Source

Domino Magazine

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Uknown Source

Martha Stewart

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Decor Pad


Guess what I found?

16 Dec

Marshalls strikes again!   At first I wanted the ottomans for under my new console table (for a mere $49.00 each!), but then I realized that the reason I bought the console table was the design on the bottom.  The same design that does not permit you to put anything under the console table—Hah!  But, I needed these ottomans or at least the bench.  I thought long and hard and I have finally decided to go back and get it!  It looks like something straight out of Ballard, Horchow or Neiman Marcus.  I think it would probably look best behind the bed.  And, since I don’t have any decorations nor have I decided where I am going with the bedroom, I might as well just design around it right?

Since I know you are probably staring at the screen in sheer jealousy, I leave you with bench inspiration. 

All of the following pictures are from Decor Pad.

I Have Been To Chair Heaven

15 Dec

… and its called Overstock.  Really, it is.  After a big West Elm disappointment, my dreams of two luxurious living room chairs seemed bleak.  The West Elm chair I loved so much was not very special in person.  Frankly, the fabric quality was nothing special and the chairs were small.  Tiny, folks!–like little people chairs.  I can see the little people chair in an apartment or even the right house, but for the Mango House it was all wrong.   

But, that was until my friends at Overstock came through with options.  Not one, but several options.  Thank god.  Oh, and they are cheaper!  Check it out:

angelo:HOME Harlow Vintage Floral Ocean Blue Arm Chair
Lummi White Leather High-back Chair
Testbrand Christina Eco-leather Club Chair

Option 4 is my personal favorite:

Manchester Club Chair

The best part of the Manchester Club Chair, you know, besides the gorgeous castered legs, the nail head color, the twill like fabric and the tuffeted back, is its price.  At $307.99 how can I say no?  That is $615.99 for two instead of the $500.00 for one chair over at West Elm.  This is definitely in the near future for the Mango House.

Let’s Talk Bar Carts

8 Dec

Has it really taken me almost a month to get over this flu thing?  Sorry, folks.  But, you will be glad to know that I am back and with more material than ever! 

Why just this morning I picked up these little beauties.  Special props to you if you can guess what they are and what I am doing with them!  (Yes, I know its a blurry Iphone picture shot in a moving car). 

And then of course, there is the matter of the bar cart.  This weekend, while I was looking for something else I bumped into this on Craigslist for a mere $20 buckaroons.  Yes, you read right–$20!   The best part was that it was owned by someone who owns a 1920s barn style house with stain glass windows (super uncommon down here).  Adorable!:


Here is a somewhat similar one being sold for $3,600.00 at Mecox:


I can’t remember the first time I saw a faux bamboo bar cart, but ever since I have been on the prowl.  Bar carts are that quintecenssial Hollywood Regency item that complete the look I love (a sort of glam Hollywood Regency/vintagesck/nautical look).  The cart is painted some sort of brownish red which I am not digging very much, but I’m not sure if I should paint it red, burnt gold or bronze.  But, look how pretty red faux bamboo looks against dark navy (in this case a rug)!

Via Decor Pad

Then there is the matter of styling.  How do you style a bar cart?  I know mine must have some Grey Goose and whisky along with some sort of Martini shaker.  A decanter would be nice too–and Bacardi for a Cuba Libre. 

When looking for some inspiration the first thing that came to mind was Eddie Ross, because he really is the master of bar cart styling in my mind.  My favorite of his (seen here):

 Then there is this beauty found over at Restoration Hardware:


Or these found at Matters of Style:

And then there is one hiding in this lovely room by Jan Showers:


And two found over at House of Wentworth:

 And I can’t leave out this one from 3432 Martha:


Or this one from Southern Accents:

Do you have a bar cart at home?  Send me a picture!  I would love to see it!  I will also take suggestions as to what color I should paint mine.

Sneak peak

8 Nov

I have been keeping things from you.  I have secretly been working on this:



I got it at Goodwill, but I have been deliberating which room I would put it in for some time.  That decision would affect the color and style of makeover it would receive.  Eventually it was decided–it’s fate was to join the black, white and red room (Mr. Mango’s office).  But, I have not quite finished hanging my crystals yet. 

Mr. Mango convinced me to let him paint his room a dark color (I was mortified that it would look completely dark and unstylish).  Surprisingly, the more I researched and looked at dark walls the more I liked them.  And so they were painted a charcoal grey (compromise from his original request of black).  I love them!  They are so unexpected in my house and totally swoonworthy.  Once I was in love with the wall color I decided to create a London themed room around it.  We had been to England the year before and I made sure to take pictures of all the red things in the city white I was there (i.e., busses, telephone booths, guards, post office boxes, stores, etc.) so that I could isolate the red on photoshop and make the rest of the picture black and white.  Kind of like this:

I took that picture in New York right accross from the World Trade Center.  The only difference is that I would more than likely isolate only the red in the London pictures.  So far what I have in the room is just a black armoire, a telescope, some red curtains and some white ikea bookshelves (lot’s of them). 

Short term I would like to do this:

  • Finish the pictures and hang them
  • Redo the Billy bookshelves with wallpaper (and get rid of some of them)
  • Finish chandelier

Long term: 

  • Put in a daybed (maybe I should custom build one?)
  • Do something different with the curtains

I am starting to think it’s time for a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff in the house and make room for new stuff.

Meanwhile I leave you with some inspiration for this room:



Loving it!

3 Nov

Dear Internet: I love you.

Have you ever heard of Plastic Land? I happened to stumble into this today. Wow. Just wow.

Their collection of incredibly affordable awesomeness is astounding. And no—its not all made in plastic. I can just see a totally eclectic vintagesk room being inspired by the stuff they have. Also, they have random adorable kitchen gadgets which I need. Now.


$56.00 (Large Wall Art)










See anything you would like for your house?

Studio Sophisticada Inspiration

1 Nov

We are having some strange weather down here in South Florida.  It’s been musty, foggy, and yet cold at the same time.  That’s as close as we pretty much get to the fall down here.  Then I saw a great couch at West Elm.  End of story: I was inspired me to create this:

1. West Elm, 2. Z Gallerie, 3. Anthropologie, 4. Z Gallerie, 5. Z Gallerie, 6. Crate and Barrel, 7. Z Gallerie, 8. Anthropologie, 9. Ikea, 10. Ikea, 11. Z Gallerie, 12. West Elm, 13. Behr-Evening Hush

I could see this room in the studio of some artsy and cultured chic in some loft or studio in New York or Chicago.  What do you think?  Could  you see yourself in this room?