15 Nov

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Been stuck with the flu all week.  Still sick.  Be back soon when I get enough energy to finish my chandelier!


Sneak peak

8 Nov

I have been keeping things from you.  I have secretly been working on this:



I got it at Goodwill, but I have been deliberating which room I would put it in for some time.  That decision would affect the color and style of makeover it would receive.  Eventually it was decided–it’s fate was to join the black, white and red room (Mr. Mango’s office).  But, I have not quite finished hanging my crystals yet. 

Mr. Mango convinced me to let him paint his room a dark color (I was mortified that it would look completely dark and unstylish).  Surprisingly, the more I researched and looked at dark walls the more I liked them.  And so they were painted a charcoal grey (compromise from his original request of black).  I love them!  They are so unexpected in my house and totally swoonworthy.  Once I was in love with the wall color I decided to create a London themed room around it.  We had been to England the year before and I made sure to take pictures of all the red things in the city white I was there (i.e., busses, telephone booths, guards, post office boxes, stores, etc.) so that I could isolate the red on photoshop and make the rest of the picture black and white.  Kind of like this:

I took that picture in New York right accross from the World Trade Center.  The only difference is that I would more than likely isolate only the red in the London pictures.  So far what I have in the room is just a black armoire, a telescope, some red curtains and some white ikea bookshelves (lot’s of them). 

Short term I would like to do this:

  • Finish the pictures and hang them
  • Redo the Billy bookshelves with wallpaper (and get rid of some of them)
  • Finish chandelier

Long term: 

  • Put in a daybed (maybe I should custom build one?)
  • Do something different with the curtains

I am starting to think it’s time for a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff in the house and make room for new stuff.

Meanwhile I leave you with some inspiration for this room:



DIY Make Your Own Candle Project!

6 Nov

Yesterday afternoon I noticed Design Sponge had a great feature from Ashley Ann Photography about using old tin cans as candles and thought: I have wanted to do that with my Harrods tin cans! Finally, something to inspire me to get off my chair and over to Michaels for some candle making supplies!  The Harrods tin cans I have had for years—YEARS, people!  They have literally just been floating around without any real function from apartment, to house and now over to the Mango House.  And ever since I wrote an article on the effects of lavender on stress hormones in the body for a newsletter at work I have been completely obsessed with finding a pleasant lavender candle.  Really, I have just been obsessed with lavender.  Remember the lavender growing in my garden?   But, I am extremely picky with how my candles have to smell.  At some point in the last two months I started to entertain the idea of making my own lavender candle and so I started to collect jars and different containers for candle makings, but it was not until today that I finally did it!  My review: it’s great!  So after much ado here is the run down:


  • Premium Wax (I only had 1 pound on hand)
  • Double boiler (or pouring pot and normal pan)
  • Thermometer (I think you could do it without this)
  • Some form of candle dye (optional)
  • Essential lavender oil
  • Vanilla scent block (you can also use another essential oil)
  • Wicks
  • Container for candles
  • Wooden skewer or similar object


1. Clean your containers out and dry them. I used these:


2. Melt wax in double boiler.  I melted a total of a pound of wax.  I used a pouring pot that you can purchase at any crafts store.

3. Some suggest that you should glue gun the wick to the base of the container (I did not do this step because my new glue gun did not work).

4. Continually stir or move pot with wax.

5. Once wax is melted and at approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit, put in color dye.

6. Once color is fully mixed in pour in scent (note: if you want to see how intense your color is, just pour a drop onto something.)

7. I used 45 drops of essential lavender oil (from Wholefoods) and half of the vanilla scented block.

8. Heat containers in the oven at 150°.  I just put mine in there for a bit until it felt hot to the touch.

9. Once the wax is fully mixed in, pour into container. Make sure to save a small amount to pour later.

10. Let sit for about five minutes and insert wick into container.

11. If you need to move the wick use a small wooden skewer or similar object.

12. Hold wick with wooden skewer, chopsticks, measuring spoon or whatever else you have on hand.

13. Leave it alone for 20-30 minutes.

14. Melt the amount that you left in the pot in step 8.

15. You will note that your candle has an indentation in the middle near the wick.  Pour in the remaining amount of the wax to fill in the indentation.

16. Cut wick at about ¼ inch.

17. Let dry for 4-6 hours at room temperature (I prefer to leave it overnight).

18. Enjoy!

Things I learned/Things to Note:

  • Don’t move the candle until it’s dry.  The wax will move with you.
  • Gluing the wick with a hot glue gun is probably a good idea.
  • Wax does not boil, blacken or smoke up it just explodes if it is too hot, so be careful!
  • 1 pound of wax is nothing.  I only made those two candles with one pound of wax.  Check out the matchbox in the picture below for size comparison

If you make your own, make sure to leave a comment with a link to your new candle!

Loving it!

3 Nov

Dear Internet: I love you.

Have you ever heard of Plastic Land? I happened to stumble into this today. Wow. Just wow.

Their collection of incredibly affordable awesomeness is astounding. And no—its not all made in plastic. I can just see a totally eclectic vintagesk room being inspired by the stuff they have. Also, they have random adorable kitchen gadgets which I need. Now.


$56.00 (Large Wall Art)










See anything you would like for your house?

Fencing On My Mind

2 Nov


This weekend I went to get an estimate at a fence material provider who sells pieces directly to fencing companies.  This comes after estimates of upwards of $5,000.00 for a fence.  Not even a pretty fence people!  Thus, the fence has become a DIY project.  With the help of my dad and some of his friends, we have devised a plan to put up a fence according to city codes. 

Basically, this side of the property is going to get Durafence:

The inside of the fence would look like this:



But, in the front of the house I want to keep it looking stylish. After much debate over what fencing material we wanted to use we decided on using iron.  This way I could use the mural I already have on the side of the house and weld the iron fence onto it.  So I thought this was what we were going to be doing:


Then I realized it was not going to look good no matter how hard I tried.  I wanted the iron to be black in the front of the house, but against the stark white oven-painted durafen it was just not going to cut it.   

 Begrudgingly, I moved on to the idea of a picket fence.  That could be good right?  I think as long as I play up the cottage vibe I will be ok.  That means I would need to do the following:

  • Repaint house (have been wanting to do this anyways)
  • Repave entryway (have been wanting to do this anyways)
  • Put blue shutters
  • Get rid of iron bars on windows (have been wanting to do this anyways)

Ultimatly, this is the goal:



 Well, sort of.  Have any of you had any experience with Durafence or vynil picket fence panels?

Studio Sophisticada Inspiration

1 Nov

We are having some strange weather down here in South Florida.  It’s been musty, foggy, and yet cold at the same time.  That’s as close as we pretty much get to the fall down here.  Then I saw a great couch at West Elm.  End of story: I was inspired me to create this:

1. West Elm, 2. Z Gallerie, 3. Anthropologie, 4. Z Gallerie, 5. Z Gallerie, 6. Crate and Barrel, 7. Z Gallerie, 8. Anthropologie, 9. Ikea, 10. Ikea, 11. Z Gallerie, 12. West Elm, 13. Behr-Evening Hush

I could see this room in the studio of some artsy and cultured chic in some loft or studio in New York or Chicago.  What do you think?  Could  you see yourself in this room? 


29 Oct

Design Refuge has a challenge this month: find a space/picture that is very YOU and share.  So here is mine which I found on Houzz.  The reason this is me is because its got the glam-nautical vibe that I so adore.  Second, its got blue in different shades and in an awesome print.  Then it’s got vintage looking prints of fish and a capiz mirror.  Next, a tufted headboard.  Finally, a black and white striped rug.  What more can you really ask for?  This is me, people.  It’s glam/nautical/hollywood regency-ness at its best.  Surrounding myself with a room like this reminds me of days by the sea, peace and serenity and my travels abroad while still making me feel sophisticated and glamorous.


Want to see other contestants’ entries?  Go here:

I find it challeging to really define what your style is.  For me, the key to personal design and decor is to surround yourself with what you love.  Here is my challenge to you: today, find a picture of a room that you absolutely love.  It has to be something that you could see yourself living in and something that makes you smile.  Then ask yourself why you love it.  It might be the headboard, the side table, the colors, or the lines in the furniture.  That one picture can help you to figure out and define what your style is.  So, you tell me.  What is your style?